Tuesday, November 04, 2008


To all those who think airline flight benefits are so wonderful, here's the truth. For UEA we wanted to do something totally different and we fell in love with Prague. We had been planning it for 6 weeks. We were so excited to go. Usually we don't tell people where we're going, but this time we told EVERYONE and then some. And the flight looked GREAT. So we got all revved up, packed our bubble wrap to bring home FAMOUS CZECH CRYSTAL and were waiting at the airport....then SLC became Atlanta....a hell hole. To make a long story short, we didn't make it. We were so upset and depressed about it, and yes, tears were shed. The only flight out of SLC that was open was Paris.....yes I know, I know. What a painful substitute. We were already packed, vacationed from work and school, so we went for it. We were so bummed on our BUSINESS class direct flight there, but once we got there, things looked up. We remembered how much we love that city. And in the first few days we still moped around saying, "we should be in Prague right now" and when we were finally over it, standing under the Eiffel Tower, we ran into this. All the european flags were out and this was the first one I saw. What a stab through the heart!

Prague will have to wait. But we sure had some fun adventures in

Oui, Oui, PARIS!

Somewhere near the Jardin de Luxembourg which we didn't get to see because it was too late. That's what makes Paris so fabulous, you don't have to be anywhere famous to see beauty. It's just a GORGEOUS city.

Sunset's were even more beautiful this time around. This is taken from one of our favorite areas...the Lourve.

                          My all-time favorite place in Paris.

Chateau de Versailles

Scenes of the palace. The fire place is in the dining hall and you all know I'm not little, there was an entire LOG (tree) in it. And that is the kings bed. I loved that they had the kings and queens quarters. Where can I get one? It would include a room full of handbags. (She already has her own quarters! I only have the office, a sixth of the bed, and a fourth of the closet.)

"The Hall of Mirrors" was pretty cool. On the left are floor to ceiling mirrors and on the right are floor to ceiling windows overlooking the gardens.

Story time!! So there was an older french couple that stood in the 45 minute line behind us to get tickets to see the palace. We walked through the palace and then walked out to the gardens. The gardens are MASSIVE and beautiful and we wanted to see a lot of it. So they had golf carts you could rent. Well, sure why not!? We went to the booth and there was the same older couple wanting to do it too....so in his broken english and my broken french/portuguese/spanish (hoping he would understand something) we all agreed to share the cart and split the cost. So we start our little tour and we only went about 0.5 mile when the cart just died. The older couple were in front driving and couldn't get it going. So they called for help, and we waited and waited and nobody came to our rescue. But the cart DID go backwards. (Of course you know that golf carts give a LOUD BEEP as they go in reverse.)So we started riding backwards to the starting point and we were getting some great looks! In the end...instead of giving us another cart, they gave us a refund. Why?? No clue. So we walked and walked and walked.

This is the view of the pond, lake, whatever huge massive body of water it is (skiing would be fabulous here....GLASS). Northeast of the palace was their "summer home" and this is what it overlooks.

We obsolutely loved the gardens, more than the palace even. It was so incredible and had a lot of different areas with fountains and statues. It was awesome, we spent all day here.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Je t'adore

All the bridges in Paris are unique and beautiful, but this is one of my favorites...Pont Neuf. Some of you may recognize it from The Bourne Identity, Jason Bourne stood at this exact spot. But I have to add in a disclaimer...I loved this bridge before I knew he was a part of it.

The Sacre Oucre...newly renamed the Sac-o-sh*#.....you get the point. So Joe and I have traveled near and far and so far we have felt relatively safe..until this place. This is supposed to be "The sacred heart." It sits up on a hill and you can climb the steps to get a view of all of Paris and yada-yada. There is one ramp on each side that leads up to the main steps. We start heading up the one on the left and we noticed that people were running down the ramp. Next we noticed about 6 Nigerian men basically blocking the ramp. WARNING! But we kept walking, what else were we supposed to do? One man stopped me and asked me for my hand. 6 men vs. me and Joe (though he has some pretty fab muscles). So in order to NOT get mugged, I gave in. He took my index finger on my left hand and wrapped yarn around it and this whole time I'm thinking, "He's going to steal my ring, good thing I didn't wear my real wedding ring, keep your fist as tight as possible so he won't steal your ring." In the mean time one other guy kept trying to get Joe to give him his finger, but Joe is tougher than I am. So he twists this yarn and it eventually becomes a bracelet. He ties it around my wrist then tells me "now you owe me 10 euros." $15 for a stupid yarn bracelet and he's trying to tell me it's for the church? When I told him no, he said, "ok, for you 4 euros." Ummmm...NO. So I grabbed whatever coin was in my pocket (2 euro) and gave it to him and we took off. Needless to say I was pissed off the entire rest of the time we were there, I refused to go up to the top and as you can see, I refused to get my picture taken there. I hated my whole experience there. So we left shortly thereafter (the view wasn't that good) and I did take a picture of me and my bracelet but I cannot post it because it is not children or mother-in-law friendly :) But doesn't Joe look great?

My absolute favorite bridge....Pont Alexandre III. It has gold statues at both ends and in the middle.

The first couple of days we were there, the Tour de Eiffel was BLUE. It was soooooo pretty. I love Paris, I love the Eiffel tour and I loved it more in BLUE!

This isn't a very good picture, but it shows a point that my dad brought up. In the movie French Kiss she's walking around all the time and the Eiffel Tour is always there (even though she never see's it). You're casually walking down the street and you turn around and wham! There it is. Well this was one of those times. We were walking around looking for the metro station and we walked around a corner and there it was! So we stood there for a minute admiring it and then the sparkles started. Every hour on the hour at night, it sparkles for 10 minutes. And everytime we had the opportunity to sit there and watch it, WE DID! If any of you know me...especially my in-laws, you know I LOVE SPARKLES (poor Joe huh?)

Je t'aime

A sparkling view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe!

We wanted to go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe on our last night in Paris. It was getting late, the sun was starting to go down and we really wanted to get pictures of the Tour de Eiffel in the sunset and then stay up there for the night scene. So we hurried through the tunnel and luckily, there was nobody in line. So we got our tickets and started climbing up the stairs. More like RUNNING up the stairs. We went as fast as we could. What we DIDN'T know was how narrow and tall the Arc was. We kept going, but it never ended. Well about halfway up I slowed down. But Joe was really motivated to get these pictures (and in better shape) so he kept going. So on the top left is a picture of the stairs. The bottom left picture is just to show that once you've gotten to the top of the windy staircase, there's more flights! The top right picture is the last flight before getting to the ACTUAL top...and me dying. But then....Voila! Such a beautiful view! It was so amazing...and so COLD.

Champs Elysees has floor models and Peugot never disappoints Joe.

We hope you have enjoyed the laughs, and the beauty and splendor of

Oui, Oui, Paris!