Friday, July 10, 2009

Rome, Italy

We stayed right by the Colosseum in Rome, which was my favorite of the entire trip. I loved that we got to see it every morning and night, it is sooooo mesmerising. Here we are waiting for the bus right by the hotel.

This is a view from across the street. These ruins were the gladiator's barracks. There were doorways (now cemented in) where they could go underground and pop up in the arena when the emperor wanted more.

The top picture shows a replica of the pully system that was used. The bottom picture is where the pulley system used to be, with the rebuilt wooden platform so we could see what it was like.

The massive and phenomenal Colosseum. The cross on the left is where the Emperor would sit.

Angels & Demons with the Cook's

St. Peter's Basilica. Angels & Demons was released the day we got to Rome. I wish we would have seen it before, but it was fun to see it right when we got home because everything was so fresh in our minds. We did see almost everything they visited, the one exception being the church at Piazza del Popolo.

You have to walk through the entire Vatican Museum before getting to the Sistine Chapel. They had some cool things, including this extremely well preserved mummy. They pulled out her brain through her left eye and the original cloth they put in the socket is still there. Joe once again took some illegal pictures of the Sistine chapel...I'm so proud. And here we are having lunch with our much needed Coke's. It was so hot!

St. Peter's Basilica. I've never paid attention to any conclave that's happened during my lifetime, but it was fun to watch it in the movie and to actually be where it all goes down.I learned so much about the Catholic church while in Italy.

The view from the top of St. Peter's Basilica. Vatican City is HUGE.


Castel Sant'lAngelo was AWESOME. It was our last day there and we couldn't decide what to see next, but I had remembered the book mentioning this place, so we went. I'm so glad we did, it was really cool.

It was interesting to watch the movie and to see the different areas, but the movie made it look different then the layout actually is. Remember, we took these pictures before we saw the movie. Cool huh?

More scenes from the movie, and scenes of the lovely Roma.

The Spanish was ALWAYS so crowded that it wasn't very much fun, but it is beautiful.

And of course the fabulous Trevi Fountain which I adored looking at. There are a ton of people there all the time too, but it was beautiful, day and night.

And that concludes our Italy trip. We learned, laughed, and loved that's for sure. We met a lot of amazing people too, not just Doyle. Our last night in Rome, was really memorable. Doyle recommended this really amazing restaurant. We sat in the corner and an elderly couple from Florida sat next to us. The four of us started talking, then an Italian local who was there by himself, who was sitting on the opposite side of elderly couple, joined in the conversation. We were there so long we got kicked out! This trip will always be remembered. It was a culmination of remarkable history, beautiful art, amazing architecture, wonderful food, fun experiences, laughter with new friends, and being with my Sweetheart through it all.