Tuesday, October 05, 2010

All I want for Christmas....

I know, I know Halloween is right around the corner (and I totally LOVE it) but I secretly have been getting ready for Christmas. From listening to Christmas music while retaping an ETT at work, to watching THE 12 GAYS OF CHRISTMAS with a pal at work over and over again. I finally watched the season finale of GREYS ANATOMY before going to bed (when I was warned not to) and not being able to fall asleep afterwards, I watched SNOWGLOBE to get me calmed down enough to fall asleep... it has totally gotten me excited. Then last night Joe asked me WHICH Spyder jacket I had totally fallen madly in love with in August.......I love Spyder anything, but this brought my passion to a whole new level. Looks like a simple sweater? Think again! For $129 it is the warmest, prettiest, most amazing sweater EVER. Fitted, zippered hand warmer pockets, aggressively articulated *long* sleeves, knit ribbed and the RICH PURPLE with the silver SPARKLY spyder made me swoon.

Christmas this year is going to be simple for us as we have a lot of changes coming our way and Joe has warned me this may be the only thing I get, and I'm totally ok with that. What? Changes? I'm hoping to bring you all tidings of great joy *heehee* soon. I know what you're thinking and if that's what you think it is then you're wrong. Sorry to disappoint.