Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well, it's official. Grad school here I come! After 2 long months, I can officially start planning my next 2 years. First stop??? All expense paid trip to NYC for a mandatory orientation! It's weird that it's only a couple months away, I feel like I've been waiting forever.

I loved this comic. I'm sure once I start I won't think it's very funny, but I sure am laughing about it now. In fact, just the other day I was talking to Joe about my future plans for the afternoon naps. I love to sleep. It's probably what I do best. I bet my parents thought I would grow out of it after my teenage years, but I'm happy to report that I still got it! Joe doesn't think it's very funny, but I told him it's probably the only thing that will keep me sane during school. Well, that and Jamba Juice runs. CHEERS MATE!
Check out this great MSN video: Mommy's Nose Is Scary

How do you know when you're husband is ready for a baby? He showed ME this video. LOVE IT! LOVE IT!