Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabio!? Do explain.....
So Skywest does these small contract jobs in other airports when the employees are short staffed and this was the first time Joe had actually looked into doing it...and it certainly won't be the last! It is awesome! So Skywest pays for travel time, hours on shift, gives a food allowance and puts us in a hotel. So Joe applied for the Santa Maria position and got it. Sweet! Mini Vacay! Joe left at the crack of dawn on Sunday. I had worked Saturday night so I came home and slept for a few hours, then packed and was on my way to meet up with him. So I was WAYYYYY late. Thank heavens for online checking in! flight left at 5 and I left my house at 3:50. I got to airport parking by 4, then waited for the shuttle. Well, after 10 stops I finally got to the terminal at 4:15 and the security line was past the escalators. I was mortified! Internally I was wigging out, but what can you do? So the line FINALLY started moving through security and I'm going through the maze, finally beginning to relax when I kept seeing this large person out of the corner of my eye. As we kept moving I thought, holy cow, that is an abnormally large woman! So I'm watching this WOMAN walking, totally floored by her size, when she turns around the corner and it's FABIO!! I was laughing so hard! So I pulled out my cell phone and was trying to get a picture of him. He was about 3 rows ahead of me and I kept trying to snap a pic, but it just wasn't working out. I got one that was really blurry but it's the perfect picture. Seriously, Fabio has HUGE PECS, with a purple shirt and long hair....totally thought it was a woman. So as I approached security I put my phone away and as soon as they cleared me I hauled to the last security line. So I'm taking my shoes off etc, when I look up and Fabio is 2 people ahead of me. AWESOME, I'm totally getting a pic with him, who cares if I miss my flight!? So the guy in front of me was SUPER slow. He was re-dressing and I skipped him to get my shoes and such and Fabio leaned over me to get his cowboy boots.....oh my! He wears Joe's cologne! Time stood still as I took a deep breath! I gathered my shiz and looked up to see a young guy trying to get a picture with Fabio. This is my chance! So I tried so patiently to wait my turn, but the old lady taking the pic on the i-phone was taking way to long so I just said to Fabio, "Do you mind if I take your picture?" And in a very polite and seductive response he replied, "Sure!" So I snapped and ran! I stopped at the monitors cuz I had no clue which gate I was in. I booked it to my gate, saw my name on the cleared list and I got in line for the L.A. flight. I looked ahead of me and there's Fabio! How in the world did he beat me here? He was very calm and collected, let me tell you he is exactly as they describe him (I don't really know, I've never read a romance novel) but he is very smooth in his walk and demeaner. Very Suave and huge! He really is 6'3" or 6'4" or something, and still very toned! So a flight attendant was behind me and she nudged me and asked, "Isn't that the model guy?" I replied, "Well, I don't know about that, but it's Fabio. The guy on the cover of all those romance novels." She said, "NO way!! Do you think I could get a picture with him?" I said, "I'm sure he would let you. I got one of him near security." So I showed her and she had me send it to her phone! It was hilarious. So we were the last ones on and as we passed through first class I contemplated asking to stop and get pic with him, but as I walked through first class he wasn't there! I looked up and he was heading towards the back of the plane! Anyway, it was a short and sweet flight and as I got off and went to look for something to eat, I sent the pic to a bunch of people with this title "IS THAT REALLY FABIO ON MY FLIGHT? HELL YES!" And for the next hour it was responding to hilarious texts. But my favorite was hearing from my buddy Bobbie. Here is how our convo went.

Bobbie: I am more of a Jason Statham dirty boy sort of girl. I would probably be able to kick his pretty ass. But, strike up a convo and tell me if he is smart.
Me: Wish I could but he was in the back of plane. Business can't be that good!
Bobbie: Nice that he was smiling at your picture taking, rather than being ornery. Have him give you a signature. Give him a marker and he can give you a tramp stamp!
Me: I was gonna wait for him to get off the plane. I thought maybe I could get a picture sitting on his lap but I don't have the balls!
Bobbie: He'd probably enjoy that. I heard he's a slut.
Me: Yeah well I don't think I could say no, he wears Joe's cologne which is always a guaranteed GRAND SLAM!

Anyway, it was hilarious. I found my next gate, sat and did homework, took a nap, then finally got to Santa Maria at 11:30 that night. It was cute to be greeted with a hug and kiss from my hubby who was working that flight!

Man of the hour! It couldn't get any sweeter. He worked 4 hours a day. 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. then 10:30 to 12:30. The Santa Maria staff were really nice to Joe, they thought he was the shizzzzz cuz where he works, they have 150 flights a day! They thought that was amazing! And he was the most experienced one there. Yay!?

They put us up at the Radisson at the airport which was really nice. Yup, that's the runway out our window. It's a tiny airport with mostly private airplanes. Commercial flights? 3 flights to L.A. a day. Period. Mostly commuters for work.

On Monday we rented a car and went to Pismo Beach. Joe's friend told us we had to eat at this one place, so we walked around enjoying the sites. It was freezing cold though!
On the boardwalk.....watching the crazy surfers.
I have my own rental shop! For those of you who didn't know me....I used to be called HotRod in high school cuz of my maiden name. Joe thought it was funny, he had me stand there for this pic and I told him, "I'm not a hooker!"

We enjoyed lunch at the SPLASH CAFE, the restaurant Joe's friend recommended. Their specialty? 18 years of the #1 clam chowder served in a sour dough bread bowl all for a mere $6.95! The line was out the door all day long! SOOOOO yummy. My most favoritest clam chowder is from Anthony's in San Diego. This one was a very close second! Maybe pushing first cuz of the bread bowl. It's a toughy! I'd have to try it side by side.

The happy couple! After lunch we hit up a Marshall's....I love California. I can always find the best stuff there! They opened one near our house here, but it's just not the same!

Obviously we didn't take our camera. Those are all the pics we got. That evening we ate at Shaw's Steakhouse which was recommended by a Skywest employee. It was pretty good. Very traditional, since 1953.
Tuesday we went and got breakfast, did a little more shopping, had RiteAid ice cream at 10:00 a.m. (we got some looks) then returned the car (expensive rentals there!) and spent the rest of the day relaxing at the hotel. They canceled 2/3 flights that day, so Joe didn't even really have to work. LAME! Wednesday I came home and went to a BBQ with friends who have yet to meet Joe. They think he's my invisible husband. On my way home I saw the band director from the movie Drumline. I got my phone out for a pic but quickly put it away when he was fighting with customer service. Yikes! Thursday Joe came home. Joe is in his last year of school...for a while anyway. And I told him we are doing these jobs all next summer!